Дом Джуны переделают в ресторан A psychic, who helped Yeltsin Kobzon, lolita, July 22, would have turned 69 years old. The healer did not three years ago. Before his death, Jung was asked loved ones not to give to destroy her beloved home, and to create a Museum of memory.
Дом Джуны переделают в ресторан

Since the beginning of the 90s the astrologer belonged to a mansion on the Arbat. The first three floors of city authorities gave her rent, there is an office, gallery and the room of the deceased son Vakhtang. Jung later founded the International Academy of alternative Sciences, which itself is already completed and the fourth floor. Friends carried out the wishes of the deceased, but the Museum did not last long.

“The government gave the building to other people, – said the “StarHit” Victor, the driver of celebrities. – They intend to make it a hotel and restaurant. We were able to save some of the things that were there. They did something to move, something gave. The rest of the new owners threw out, saying, have nowhere to store!”

Friend the healer, part-time co-founder of the Academy, Valery Kamshilov managed to keep the room of the fourth floor.

“I was one of three people who had the right to fight for it, – said Valeriy “StarHit”. Two other members died, all were on me. Recently handed over the management of Affairs our to Jun other Sorgono. The walls of the institution and was transferred to the Museum.”

Now in litigation the astrologer, it is Kamshilov. “There came a man claimed that knew psychic, he wants to pick up unique medical equipment and resell, – continues Valery. – Will not allow this. As Djuna said: “Everyone will be rewarded!” Believe, looking down from the heavens, help!”

Also, the healer left the apartment. Alleged relatives, appeared after his death, still can not divide the living space and its assets. “Skeptical of 13 nephews and nieces who call themselves family members – adds driver Victor. – Many people ask: “Why don’t they do a Museum?” Answer: “interested only in profit, else is a side”. Recently one such heir sued the valuable painting brush juna, however, while it did not come”.