Марина Африкантова и Роман Капаклы сыграли свадьбу на Сейшелах Traditional wedding on the “Island of Love” was one of the most touching in the entire history of the show. Now, according to the laws of the project, Marina and the novel — husband and wife. However it is worth noting that in Russia the marriage in Seychelles has no legal force.
Марина Африкантова и Роман Капаклы сыграли свадьбу на Сейшелах

In mid-June, participant of the project “DOM-2” 19-year-old Roman Kapakli proposed to his girlfriend, 30-year-old Marina Africanoboi. The young man gave a sweetheart ring from the wood, made with his own hands, as is customary on the “Island of love”, got on one knee and put the decoration on the ring finger of his beloved.

Marina was surprised at first and said – “are You serious?!”, but then still said the coveted “Yes”.

“Only one thing can help our relationship. You and I, Marina, play Seychelles wedding,” he admitted then Kapakli.
Марина Африкантова и Роман Капаклы сыграли свадьбу на Сейшелах

Marina Afrikantov and Roman Kapakli one of the brightest pairs on the project and the reason is obvious – everyone in the Union was able to assert themselves and attract everyone’s attention, and not by scandals, fights and quarrels, a sincere feelings is the main value of a reality show.

Today, July 22, the lovers were married. Marina decided to abandon the traditional white Bridal outfit by choosing a long dress in a small flower, a Roma wearing a blue shirt and bright shorts.

“I’m happy. Thank you, my Rum, for this unforgettable day,” wrote Marina in the microblog.
Марина Африкантова и Роман Капаклы сыграли свадьбу на Сейшелах

By the way, Kapakli very lucky with the new wife. Marina comes from Moscow, she has two diplomas of higher education — she is an engineer-Metallurgist on non-ferrous and rare earth metals and the major television and radio programs, is fluent in English and French, sports. Four years ago she first came on the TV project “DOM-2” build your love.

First time not always successful — and the Marina with no luck. She expressed her sympathy Andrei Cherkasov, but the relationship did not work out, then she liked Bogdan, Lenok, but this time nothing happened. Later she accepted the advances of Yegor Holavina, but the romance ended quickly. Unable to bear, Marina left the perimeter, and came back only to sleep the following year, losing weight is 20 pounds.

Slender, beautiful, confident, she struck on the spot the experienced participant Andrey Chueva, who did not waste time and soon made the Marina offer hands and hearts. Relationship Chueva and Africanoboi developed so quickly that the girl agreed to become his wife, but alas, the wedding never took place. And soon Africa met on my Novel.

The project Kapakli came for the Marina, and literally from a threshold began to gain her attention. It is noteworthy that for the first time the young people met in the Seychelles. Despite the fact that between the Marina and the Novel were minor conflicts, they still took part in the contest “Love of the year”, and then in the “Wedding million”.

The man has repeatedly admitted that he dreams about the wedding, but not yet earned are worthy of their girls celebration.