“Julia was born on the day of the “enthusiastic faith” – a numerologist on the fate Samoilova

«Юля родилась в день «восторженной веры» - нумеролог о судьбе Самойловой Clara Kuzenbaeva made a prediction for the future of the singer. Today appeared information about the fact that the performer will not be able to participate in song contest “Eurovision” because of the prohibition of entry to Ukraine. Numerologist told that, despite all obstacles, the artist will be able to achieve success in the international arena.

      «Юля родилась в день «восторженной веры» - нумеролог о судьбе Самойловой

      Today it became known that Yulia Samoylova, which was to represent Russia at the international competition “Eurovision” will not be able to participate in a large show. The fact that the security Service of Ukraine has banned the entry of the actress for three years. This is due to the fact that Samoilova acted in Crimea after the Peninsula became part of our country. Statement of the Ukrainian authorities has stirred up the entire community. Julia Samoylova deprived of the opportunity to speak at the “Eurovision”

      Numerologist Clara Kuzenbaeva believes that Yulia is not upset because of the situation, as it is still waiting for success.

      “Julia was born the seventh of April 1989, a day which in numerology is called the “enthusiastic faith”. She’s the host of a sign of Tsiolkovsky and Pushkin, that is, applies to people who leave behind a trail. Julia – this is a man who should never settle for less. To pursue growth for her above all else. She was born under the sign of power,” says Clara.

      Kuzenbaeva believes that the singer has a very strong inner core. Despite its apparent fragility, it can’t be called spineless. According to numerology, she is bravely going through the situation that has developed around its participation in “Eurovision”. The stars of show-business and politics stood up for Julia Samoylova

      “Her patience is great. This situation is hard, of course, her sharpened sense of justice. She’s sensitive about such things, although apparently it sometimes does not manifest itself. She can restrain herself. Julia needs to meet, not to fall into depression, her moods,” – said Kuzenbaeva.

      Despite the fact that this year Yulia Samoilova will not be able to participate in “Eurovision”, she begins a favorable life span. According to Clara Kuzenbaeva, the singer needs to prove himself in international competitions, where it expects a big success.

      “It begins a good year. In international competitions she will succeed, though not at the “Eurovision”. With a birthday in April Samoylova waiting for a new round in his career. It is waiting for fame, success, popularity. Most importantly, Julia is loved by many, charismatic, she’s a happy person. With all the problems, it does not stop there and knows what she wants from life”, – concluded the numerologist.