The British are scared of a terrorist attack in London

Британцы напуганы терактом в Лондоне The tragedy happened on Westminster bridge. The criminal was liquidated by law enforcement. As reported by foreign sources, twelve people were injured and two of them died. Police understand the situation.

    On Wednesday afternoon in London was a terrorist attack. First, foreign news agencies disseminated information that on Westminster bridge, the unknown opened fire. Eye-witnesses claimed that there are dead bodies of people.

    Later, the British media reported that the car ran over several pedestrians. Then, as wrote the edition, the malefactor stabbed the police, but in time was eliminated. According to recent reports, the incident injured twelve people, two of whom died. Among the victims there are three French Lyceum.

    Presumably, the offender had planned to get to the British Parliament, but were arrested in time. A few hours after the incident, the police issued a statement that the attack in the capital should not be viewed as a terrorist attack. The work of the Parliament was suspended, and its members were forbidden to leave the building.

    Londoners frightened by the news about the incident. Residents of the British capital, I advise you not to leave the house, and the number of attractions closed. Eyewitnesses to share on social networks videos and photos from the scene of the tragedy.

    One of the witnesses of the incident at Parliament was a former Minister of foreign Affairs of Poland Radoslaw Sikorski. He posted on Twitter a video in which is seen lying on the road. The video was filmed right after a person hit by a car.

    In the Network published a frame from the video depicting the alleged offender. The man was dressed in jacket of gray, and in his hands he held a large knife with a green handle. Probably a few seconds, the offender was eliminated by a police officer.

    According to the Ministry of foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation, Russians among the victims there. “We certainly Express our condolences and sympathy to all those affected, relatives of all those who died in the course of this aggressive forays. We do not share and will never share terrorism on any grounds. We qualify this as a definite evil that must be confronted collectively. And in this moment, as always, our hearts go out to the British, and we share their pain,” – said the official representative of the Ministry Maria Zakharova one of the channels.

    It is noteworthy that exactly one year ago, March 22, there was a terrorist attack in Brussels, the responsibility for which was assumed by the terrorist group “Islamic state” is forbidden on the territory of the Russian Federation. Then the explosions at the airport and the metro killed 35 people.

    In social networks has already started a flash mob under the hashtag #PrayForLondon. People from all over the world leave words of support to the inhabitants of the British capital. “The bright memory of the dead. I’m seriously crying now. Where is the humanity?”, “Well, why can’t we live in peace? Necessarily need a war, acts of terrorism, strife?”, “It’s terrible. I hope it won’t happen again,” write Internet users.