Julia Vysotskaya expanding business

Юлия Высоцкая расширяет бизнес TV presenter decided to create a network of grocery stores. Julia intends to set reasonable prices for products, which can compete with the price list of hypermarkets. Also other businesspeople can become part of a business celebrity thanks to the franchise.

      Юлия Высоцкая расширяет бизнес

      Popular TV presenter and author of numerous cookbooks Julia Vysotskaya decided to expand its business. Business woman like you intend to open a chain of grocers. Besides the fact that now Julia is engaged in the development of the culinary Studio, a café and shops selling kitchen utensils, now in the plans celebrity – to provide buyers the opportunity to buy flour, cereals, and honey, jam and other products.

      Julia helps lead new business her husband Andrei Konchalovsky, who owns part of the business. And almost a year ago, he and his brother Nikita Mikhalkov planned to open a fast food chain. But then, this idea has not received proper investment, and therefore has not yet been implemented.

      Also Vysotskaya will provide an opportunity for everyone to become a part of its business. To open a shop in your town will be possible thanks to the franchise. Moreover, food prices at the grocery store are quite affordable and will be able to compete with hypermarkets.

      Julia also decided to please fans with a new cookbook. She has presented the recipes for the summer season. A book she called simply and clearly – “Lucky menu”. With their fans, she shared her original dishes for long summer gatherings outdoors.

      Recall that after the disaster that happened with her daughter Julia Mary, when in a car accident the girl suffered and went into a coma, Vysotskaya was difficult to return to normal life. Now TV presenter and author of cookbooks continues to work as little as possible to tell us about the state of their child.

      Julia: “When I hear at the end of the play that we have to live, I think we need to live”

      “You must understand me, I really very difficult to speak on this subject. No matter what I said – this will not be enough… It’s not something I have right now to share. I am grateful to everyone who empathizes. I thank everyone who writes letters. Important to us this support. But I can’t talk about it, in any angle, any way…I tried to record a greeting before again to start to work. To make people understand: this is life, and there are many components. Something I can show and explain about something to want to remain silent. What is it, my life as a whole – it is my business,” admitted Julia.

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