Pregnant Kim Marina staged a celebration in honor of the future baby

Беременная Марина Ким устроила торжество в честь будущего малыша The presenter is preparing for the advent of a second child. The day before she had a holiday Baby shower in which her future baby and gave him gifts. This tradition of modern moms have borrowed from the Americans.

      Беременная Марина Ким устроила торжество в честь будущего малыша

      TV presenter Maria Kim shares with her subscribers through a YouTube channel and Instagram” news from the life of the pregnant woman. The star is preparing for the birth of the second child. All her thoughts took a maternity. After birth the baby Marina has no plans to leave work, she hopes to combine the education of two children and broadcast on “the First channel”. Kim and her friends had a party baby shower where the presenter showered gifts upon gifts.

      On the event dedicated to the future baby, Marina announced on the page on the social network. “Tired, but terribly happy! The first experience of a baby shower was held on 5! Thanks to everyone who was involved! So much Nadar!”, – wrote a leading.

      It is not surprising that Marina decided to organize a party for American tradition. In the US, where planning to have a TV star at the event girlfriend pregnant literally bombarded her with gifts. Kim’s party was called “a boy or a girl?”, guests had to guess who born to lead. Marina did not know in advance the sex of the baby.

      According to star, the doctors first said she was expecting a boy, and then an ultrasound showed that she will be born second daughter. So more to look into the matter leading not want.

      By the way, Marina got pregnant only four months. Being in the position of leading participated in the show “Without a net”. “My first reaction to pregnancy was regrettable that out of shape, which only went through grueling training. And the second fear: I made a terrible body load and a lot of injuries while working. What people learn in five years, we mastered the show for a week and a half. I got a cracked rib when the partner unsuccessfully threw through itself. From this load cycles all lose,” said the TV star

      About the interesting position, Kim became known in December 2015. Marina hides the child’s father, however, as it was during the first pregnancy. The star responsible for raising her daughter Briana. On may holidays the leading along with the girl resting in the company of Daria Pynzar, recently became a mom. Daria Pynzar: “From pain during labor saved me hammock”. Marina Kim is getting ready for the appearance of the child: she went on a trip to the hospital, where she told how to behave at the crucial moment.

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