Julia Volkova is back from Islam to Christianity

Юлия Волкова вернулась из ислама в православие

Road famous Russian singer Yulia Volkova to God is very complicated. The woman, from childhood to professing Orthodox Christianity, converted to Islam in 2007, when she married businessman Parviz Yasinov. Even their wedding was held in a mosque in Dubai at a Muslim ceremony, but that didn’t make their marriage eternal. Despite the birth of a son Samira, the couple broke up in 2010.

After her divorce from her husband Volkov tries to regain their former faith. On his page in the social network, the former soloist of group t.A.t.u. congratulated all with the forgiveness Sunday and said that he had returned to Orthodoxy.
“I came back to my faith, to your house. But again I say: God is one and path is different, find your way and be happy” — written by Volkov.