The late Steve Irving gives advice to father

Покойный Стив Ирвинг даёт советы отцу

Unbelievable. “The crocodile hunter” Steve Irwin, who died due to shock electric ray ten years ago, but his father Bob still feels his presence and says that his son speaks to him from beyond the grave.

In an exclusive interview with 77-year-old Bob told me that when he’s sad or when he needs advice, Steve always helps him.
“I was always connected to him emotionally and spiritually, and after the death of Steve, nothing has changed. It’s not my sick imagination. When I need advice, I go into a trance and speak with my son. He gives me advice.. Someone believes in it, someone thought I was crazy, but never his advice was not bad” Bob said, and added that Steve had a premonition of his end. He told his father that he feels that his mission in this world is about to end, because the last time too frequent meetings with venomous animals. He saw this as a sign that his days are numbered.
Despite the fact that with a dead son, he continues to communicate (as he says), a daughter Terry Bob long broke the pots. Neither he nor she tell you what the reason for this mutual hatred. Rumor has it that Steve’s parents were enraged by the decision of the bride to organize threat show at Australian zoo in the center of which still remain their grandchildren. Now Bob, who for ten years have not seen children Steve, afraid that he would not see his grandchildren before his death.