Julia revealed how she lost her hair

Юлия Высоцкая показала, как она лишилась своих волос
Actress and TV host explained why he dared.

Julia Vysotskaya

Photo: Instagram

Julia Vysotskaya who, during the release of the films “Ray”
struck fans, an abrupt change of image, shaved bald, only today
decided to show how her head’s hair. In his microblog
star has published photos taken during extreme haircuts.

“It was two years ago — said the actress. And
yesterday the film “Ray” Andrei Konchalovsky received another award: the award
“The star of Teatral” for best actress theater actress in the movie. Thank you
everyone who voted! Thank you to all who shared our love for this film.”

Before the release of “Paradise”, where Julia plays the party
the French Resistance Olga Kamenskaya, she admitted that her amritsa
made by Andrei Konchalovsky. Until recently, the actress was just hoping for
short cut.

“I had no idea that I would shave bald. Andrew
Sergeevich few months have shrugged and said indifferently: “Oh,
get a haircut, we’ll see”, — said Julia.

Vysotsky believes that the will was the Director of law,
so it remained nothing how to say goodbye to their tresses.

“Shave 42 — not quite the same thing
to shave 28. You lose — do not even know how to call it… Well,
suppose I Wake up somewhere podpole, tired, tortured, bruises, bags.
I think that’s okay: now something on the head to stick. Now what
I do?” — shared experiences Vysotskaya.