Юлия Началову лишили водительских прав The singer broke the rules of the road. She refused to undergo a test for alcohol content in the blood. After this incident was followed by a long trial. Now Yulia Nachalova was found guilty and are going to be punished in accordance with Russian law.

In December of last year, Julia Nachalova was stopped by the traffic police. They saw that the actress behind the wheel of cars, is in a state of alcoholic intoxication. Police have asked Julia to come with them to a medical examination to identify the percentage of alcohol in the blood. However, the singer refused the test.

After this incident launched an investigation, and today the star was accused of committing an administrative offense under article “Failure by the driver of the vehicle the requirement to undergo medical examination for intoxication”. According to the administrative code, for such an offense of the driver deprived of the rights.

It is reported that the Dorogomilovsky court has ruled. Nachalova took the driver’s license for a period of 1 year and 6 months.

Caught in a bad situation, Nachalova has not revealed all the details of what happened on the road. But yesterday the star took part in the program “really”. “Seriously, I always try to take responsibility for their words, and so I was not afraid to come on the program to Dmitry Shepelev and be tested on the lie detector. I will talk about an ugly situation with the traffic police about their offences and boorish behavior,” Julia said in a microblog. Likely, the star has not yet received notice from law enforcement.

Many celebrities often become the violators of traffic rules, but not always plead guilty. Recently Alexey Panin has accumulated an impressive amount of fines. The artist has traffic of about 250 thousand rubles. He was expelled about a hundred receipts. He is a movie star just laughs at this information, and responds to the media that everything is settled. In GU MVD in Moscow provided other information.

“According to the database of traffic police, a citizen reported 248 offences in the field of road safety. They are all recorded by the cameras images. In this 51 violation, the amount of fines of more than 40 thousand rubles, there are grounds for involvement of the driver under article 20.25 of the administrative offences Code of the Russian Federation – “Evasion from administrative responsibility”, – stated in the message.

By the way, as informs “REN-TV”, Nachalova also will be fined in the amount of 30 thousand rubles.