Boris korchevnikov is preparing to become a father

Борис Корчевников готовится стать отцом Today in the Studio of “the Destiny of man” visited Natalie. At the end of last year, the singer became a mother for the third time, artist brought to ether things for newborns and showed how swaddle baby. At this time Boris korchevnikov unexpectedly announced that soon he will be born firstborn.
Борис Корчевников готовится стать отцом

Last spring, singer Natalie became a mother for the third time, despite the household chores, the actress found the time to come to the Studio of “the Destiny of man” with the YouTube Koschevnikovi to tell about the joys of motherhood.

“You live in an incredible happy mother’s trouble. You became a mother for the third time at the end of the year. We congratulate you! What is this feeling – not just for artist but for a woman who wanted each of his children?”- rhetorically said TV presenter…

Natalie brought to the Studio of things for babies, in which three of her son – Arseny and Anatoly, Eugene spent the first months of life.

The actress told about how swaddled heirs, how to care for kids. According to singer, a woman’s happiness lies in the children and family, not in a successful career. “Really was a big break, then, and not waited even resigned, told Natalie about waiting for a third child. Again he began an artistic life, which can make excuses: “I’m not a woman, I’m an artist!”Many people say that children are depriving you of your freedom, but for me children is freedom. They free me from the image of the artist, from the illusory state that I weighed for a very long time. Children for me is real life.”

After this recognition, Natalie was the turn of Boris Korchevnikov to be Frank. The presenter suddenly announced to the audience that in short time waiting for the firstborn.

“I’m going to become a dad. Yeah! Teach me what the main story? I also have to swaddle. And the nappy needs to be warm? You are a warm iron or what?”- began to Refine the artist korchevnikov.

Natalie, in turn, congratulated Boris and noted that the presenter copes with the swaddling. “Bob, as you are! But first, we want to hear: “Kiss!”You’re invited to the wedding?”- asked the singer.

Korchevnikov did not disclose the details when he is born heir. The name of the lady presenter was also not called.