Юлия Михальчик о разводе: «Сыну мы ничего не объясняли» The graduate of “factory of stars” told “StarHit” how now made up her life. Julia michalczyk was one of the brightest participants of the third season of the popular musical project. Currently, however, she pays more attention to the education of his son than becoming a singer.

      Юлия Михальчик о разводе: «Сыну мы ничего не объясняли»

      Julia michalczyk was one of the most prominent member of the third “idol.” The actress immediately attracted the attention of not only strong vocal talent, but also the abilities of the composer. The love of the audience brought her third place in the project. But now the singer is not often glimpsed in television broadcasts and on radio stations heard her hits of yesteryear. Currently michalczyk gives herself to raising her son Sasha, however tries not to forget his career. About his life Julia frankly said in an interview with “StarHit”.

      After the “star Factory”, where you had such a bright start, you are now almost unheard of. It does not hurt?
      Юлия Михальчик о разводе: «Сыну мы ничего не объясняли»I think that now a lot of good artists. Usually I find it a shame when the soundtrack sounds when openly voiceless try to take the place on stage thanks to the great relations and Finance. But now mostly on the stage, people are worthy. I understand that could also be more popular, do I like them. But I decided for myself that the most important thing – family. I’m growing a beautiful baby. I look at artists who, for 35 years, and they have not realized themselves as moms, and I think that this is more offensive than from a lack of popularity. —
      As it is now do for a living?
      Юлия Михальчик о разводе: «Сыну мы ничего не объясняли»Only concerts, perform at corporate parties, festivals. I’m doing what I love to do – sing. I am pleased that despite the absence of my songs in rotation on radio and on TV, people know even songs that were not widely known. —
      You seek popularity?
      Юлия Михальчик о разводе: «Сыну мы ничего не объясняли»Who follow my work know that I do. Of course, I would like more, but to transcend themselves for the sake of popularity is not ready. I believe that all will come in due time. If you ain’t here, so I don’t need it at all. I work independently – I have no producer, I dictated what to sing, where to go and how to behave. I get to decide what to do. I have never had such attitude to the profession is to succeed by any means. It seems to me that the way to miss something important in other aspects of life. Now everything is in harmony, do not want the bustle, hustle. Especially when the son grows up.

      How old is your child?
      Юлия Михальчик о разводе: «Сыну мы ничего не объясняли»Sasha three and a half years. The son requires a lot of attention at this age. He won’t go to kindergarten, home boy. Enjoys football, engaged in a sport school. I am surprised by his phenomenal memory. I can barely remember yesterday, but he remembers the events, numbers, tales. If I distort one word when I read him books at night, he corrects. We have a nanny who helps me with my son when I have to work, of course, the grandparents come. Father visits him often enough. —
      In the spring you broke up with her husband Vladimir Goewin. As the son took the break?
      Юлия Михальчик о разводе: «Сыну мы ничего не объясняли»We he didn’t say so, I think he’s at the age now when he doesn’t completely understand what is happening. I’m glad we have her ex-husband had no quarrels, scandals, Sasha so our gap is not affected. Especially because dad didn’t sit with him from morning till night, so that the world for her son collapsed. Father visits regularly, they see each other – it’s all right.

      Who boy more like – you or your ex?
      Юлия Михальчик о разводе: «Сыну мы ничего не объясняли»Sasha be as chatty as my dad does his mouth never closes! Energetic as a mom, everything is interesting to him, he is very active, he has so much energy. —
      Bullies or are you not allowed?
      Юлия Михальчик о разводе: «Сыну мы ничего не объясняли»If that’s about anyone say “rip and throw”, so it is to him belongs. I would say that he’s always salami delinquent.—
      And are you a strict mom?
      Юлия Михальчик о разводе: «Сыну мы ничего не объясняли»My nanny says I have to be tougher. Learning to comfort and encourage, and threaten, when necessary. He grossly impermissible to treat for adults to indulge in. Now I’m trying to wean him off of gifts. There was a time when every day to him, something was brought, he began to take it for granted. And I want every gift is wanted, as in my childhood. —
      How do you see the future Sasha, can, dream, to follow in your footsteps?
      Юлия Михальчик о разводе: «Сыну мы ничего не объясняли»He definitely has a sense of rhythm. If you want to become an artist, of course, support, but to be honest, I didn’t like him that way. Even better would be a different scope. The profession of artist is heavy. He enjoys football, but a professional athlete I don’t want to see – they have a short life, injuries much. Better that teaches languages. But that’s just my opinion, and the way chooses what will lie the soul.—
      You talk to your son about what he may receive the stepfather?
      Юлия Михальчик о разводе: «Сыну мы ничего не объясняли»No, we do not discuss this topic. I have decided that we will solve problems as they come, and now the reason for no conversation.

      You are now in contact with Alexander Shulgin?
      Юлия Михальчик о разводе: «Сыну мы ничего не объясняли»We were in good human relations, and such they remain to this day. I can always call him and know that he will answer and if possible, will help. But I appeal to him very rarely. And so, we congratulate each other on holidays. —
      He’s not trying to restore relations now that you single again?
      Юлия Михальчик о разводе: «Сыну мы ничего не объясняли»If it was originally a relationship, then something can be recovered. Life will put everything in its place, I don’t want to think and assume.

      You nostalgic for the days of “American idol”?
      Юлия Михальчик о разводе: «Сыну мы ничего не объясняли»It has been a stressful, difficult time, but at the same time striking event that changed my life. Appeared fame, I know that was a local star Peter. “Star factory” is a wonderful moments in my creative life. The period was difficult and invested so much effort, the constant worrying.—
      Many of the participants criticized the tour. Do they really was unbearable?
      Юлия Михальчик о разводе: «Сыну мы ничего не объясняли»On tour was hard. Hotels are first class, always moving. Every day a new city. We had all the time, despite the physical fatigue, it is good to sing, to work out a concert, look fresh and rested! But if I could go back in time and I again had a choice – go to the “Factory” or not, I would without a doubt everything repeated again.