Умер известный певец Александр Тиханович About the death of 64-year-old musician said his daughter Anastasia. People’s artist of Belarus, former soloist of the popular in the Soviet Union, the vocal-instrumental ensemble “Veras” died after a long illness. Fans of the famous singer can’t believe his untimely departure.

      Умер известный певец Александр Тиханович

      In Minsk has died the national actor of Belarus, the famous singer Alexander Tikhanovich. Performer who was loved by millions of fans throughout the former Soviet Union, died after a long illness, did not live a few months before your 65th birthday.

      Sad news was reported in his microblog daughter of Alexander Tikhanovich Anastasia. “Tonight was not my dad… We thank everyone who throughout his amazing life’s journey was near. Thank you to everyone who prayed and supported him in his last and very simple. I know he would have asked to thank all of you for your love that was mutual. Man-love, my closest, best, most beloved. My dad. Pray about it to his way to God, he sought and found, ended the happy meeting. Dad, I love you always. The Kingdom of heaven to you, Let God take you in his most bright villages, where no sickness nor sorrow, but life and love is infinite,” wrote Anastasia.

      Умер известный певец Александр Тиханович

      Fans of Alexander Tikhanovich mourn his untimely demise. Under the post his daughter they left hundreds of comments expressing sympathy and support for the family of the singer.

      “Peter laments. In memory of”, “Forces you, dear, and courage,” “I’m so sorry. Moscow together with you, My condolences to you and your family. Can’t even imagine the grief your mother is experiencing. “Such a wonderful person and artist was your dad”, “the Entire country mourns with you”, “lump in the throat, if left our family. Condolences from our family”, “Nastya, read the news and crying. What sorrow. Hold on. It is impossible to imagine. Out heritage of Belarus. You mom and huge effort and support!” – written by admirers of talent of Alexander Tikhanovich.

      Alexander Tikhanovich was born July 13, 1952 in Minsk. In 1973, he began working in the ensemble “Veras”, which for many years was very popular in the Soviet Union.

      The ensemble Tikhanovich got acquainted with Yadviga Poplavskaya, who was his only wife. In 1986, the artists left VIA “Veras” and created the Duo “good luck”. The musician together with his wife organized a Theater song Yadviga Poplavskaya and Alexander Tikhanovich, which was subsequently converted into a production centre.