Иван Янковский закрутил роман с наследницей крупного ресторатора Young people attended the ceremony movie awards “Golden eagle” together with the daughter of a prominent businessman. The pair tried to hide their feelings. Lovers are given to understand the guests that are in a relationship. Before going on stage Jankowski kissed a girl.

      Иван Янковский закрутил роман с наследницей крупного ресторатора

      Ivan Jankowski won the award for best actor in the film “the Queen of Spades”. Critics praised the acting of the young man. Heir Philip Jankowski managed to get around in this category Peter Fedorov and Daniel Kozlowski. When it became known the names of the winners, Ivan hurried to come on stage to Express his gratitude to everyone. However, before this he touchingly kissed his companion Alexander Novikov, which, apparently, was pleased to award no less beloved.

      Ivan Jankowski broke up with the daughter of Konstantin Kintchev

      By the way, the appearance of Jankowski with Novikova came as a surprise to many guests of the ceremony. Young people do not hide their feelings, despite the fact that they have not been seen together. On the eve of the film Ivan shared with subscribers in the microblog a picture in which Alexander cute smiling at the camera. “My soul” – such comment was left by the artist under the picture.

      Иван Янковский закрутил роман с наследницей крупного ресторатора

      Recall that for nearly three years, Ivan Yankovsky met with the successor of the leader of the rock group “Alice” Vera Panfilova. Friends of the couple told me that they were serious about each other. It was rumored that it went to the wedding, but last year, the lovers unexpectedly announced his intention to leave. After this they both deleted pictures on social media and have blocked access to their pages.

      Friends Jankowski and Panfilova said that at some time between choices was a misunderstanding. They were very busy with work and hardly spend any time together. “He is not one, to devote himself to the family, spending evenings at home with beloved. I want to walk a little. Faith is also its business performances and rehearsals. Decided that we should not suffer. And parted”, – said the “StarHit” buddy Yankovsky Alexander.

      It is worth noting that after parting with the Faith of the young people came to the premiere of the film “Queen of Spades” along with a novice run Taisiya Rumyantseva. The community immediately decided that they were Dating, but the girl openly said “StarHit” that there’s nothing between them. Now, Jankowski Jr. was accompanied by Alexander Novikov, the relations of which nothing is known. Despite the fact that Ivan did not publicly outlined his status, his behavior at the ceremony made it clear that they with the new sweetheart do have feelings.

      The successor Arkady Novikov is working on a project for the promotion of good nutrition and promotes a healthy lifestyle. By the way, Alexander several years met with the son of Roman Abramovich Arkady. The pair carefully hid details of his personal life, trying as little as possible to talk about them. In 2015, there were rumours that the young people ended the relationship, but it was only speculation. And only after almost a year was know, they really sold.

      Now Alexander inspires creative achievements of Ivan Yankovsky, who is obviously happy to be there with a new girl. One kiss in the air zeremonie kinonagrad was a direct proof that he has nothing to hide from the environment and it’s ready to build a serious relationship with a sweetheart.