Julia Kuvarzina is suffering for weight loss

Юлия Куварзина страдает из-за потери веса The once buxom actress is noticeably thinner. Julia Kuvarzina limits itself practically in everything, adhering to a rigid diet. The star of the TV shows panic fear of gaining throw pounds back.

Julia Kuvarzina threw more than 20 pounds. However, viewers fell in love with the artist just for curvy shape.She became famous after roles in the TV series “Not born beautiful”, “Voronin”, playing fun-filled fatties. Despite the fact that the fullness brought Julia fame, the forty year old actress sat on a painful diet and said goodbye to the hated kilograms.

“I can say that I have removed from your diet all that was required. Excluded sugar, flour, that is, all those products that even nehadaim is not necessary. And in my drinking regime, the existence of which I used, for example, did not know,” he said.

However, the actress periodically breaks down for dessert. After that thinner Kuvarzina conscience. “Because I was so hungry today, I allowed myself to eat a cake. Now feel how it hurts me,” Julia confessed in an interview.

According to the actress, after the extreme weight loss she had problems with work in the frame.

“On the set of the TV series “the Forester,” I have faced some difficulties. At some point, when I was very skinny, I was difficult to play a village girl. And then I began to put different things under the clothes to create all sorts of thickening, and I immediately felt better. I found a kernel image that is dropped, and all was again fine!” – said the artist.

Julia is married to actor Alexei Aptovtsev almost 10 years. The couple has a daughter Elizabeth. The actress admitted that she wants to be an example for your child in everything, including proper nutrition.

According to the star mom, Lisa is at such a young age that you may first want to become an actress, and in half an hour to change your mind and choose the profession of a veterinarian.

“She has no big dreams. And in nine years it’s impossible! Although, if to speak about me, I decided that I would be an actress when I saw the first movie in my life and looked at myself in the mirror!” – said the actress.

Kuvarzina said that consciously choosing a profession. “I was ready to risk everything for the acting profession, but, thank God, do not have to. I love my job, and still live quite rich and full!” – shared Julia edition sobesednik.ru.