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Скочался Дмитрий Хворостовский For a long time, the singer struggled with cancer. As reported by some media, the artist did not live about a week before his 55th anniversary. The family of Dmitri Hvorostovsky yet makes no comment.
Скочался Дмитрий Хворостовский

According to several publications, the Opera singer Dmitri Hvorostovsky passed away after a long battle with cancer. However, after some time, there is other information from his friends, wife and legal representative. They assured fans that the artist, all right – he is alive and is at home. Each Hvorostovsky on his death: “It is not true, in stable condition”

“StarHit” monitors the status information of Dmitri Hvorostovsky.

Recall that in September it became known that the artist had to change its schedule. Last summer he gave a concert in his native Krasnoyarsk. As noted by fans, Opera singer was hard to sing and be on stage, but he bravely continued the show. Dmitri Hvorostovsky did not hold back tears at the concert in Krasnoyarsk

“He could not come out for an Encore. That is the only time in his career when it was not necessary. He made the concert more than I could. Felt ashamed of my thoughts, for your audience’s selfishness at the beginning. And I realized what Hvorostovsky does not need. He definitely doesn’t need encouragement in standby, in the conventional hypocrisy,” wrote Vadim Vostrov, who saw an Opera singer.

In 2015, doctors diagnosed Dmitri Hvorostovsky brain tumor. He underwent several courses of chemotherapy, which, according to doctors, helped him. In summer, the artist seemed cheerful and full of energy. This was evidenced by the pictures in the microblog his wife Florence. However, in September Hvorostovsky felt worse, so concert on the 26th was cancelled.

Until recently, the family of the artist had hoped that his condition will improve. “My oncologist looks at me like I’m a miracle”: Hvorostovsky openly about the struggle with the disease

Dmitry tried not to let on how heavy it was necessary. In the last interview he gave to “Rossiyskaya Gazeta”, the singer told me that the oncologist advised him not to quit work.

“If not to force, the disease will defeat you. It is necessary every day, every hour to pull myself in all possible ways: exercises, children, smiles, love… And grumble a little also not forbidden… of course, I already somewhat accustomed to the domestic way of life. But you better get used to it”, – said Hvorostovsky.
Скочался Дмитрий ХворостовскийWhen the artist has seen progress in health, he was out with friends on holidays and birthdays. Dmitri loved his family and tried to make them happy. “Maxim, which on 7 July was 14 years old, yet with his professional interests are undecided. He is passionate about football, Barcelona, Messi. And Nina, she is ten, the soles on the move tears. Everywhere and all the time and was engaged in music and dancing. Recently, they together, Nina and Maksim, made a portfolio, and they immediately showered with a variety of offers – cinema, TV, advertising, fashion shops and magazines. Behind all this process strictly follows Florence, I in details did not penetrate. I’m just encouraging their success,” said Dmitry.
Скочался Дмитрий Хворостовский

The material is prepared according to the newspaper “Komsomolskaya Pravda”.