Julia Kovalchuk out of the decree

Юлия Ковальчук выходит из декрета
The singer decided to leave the small daughter at home.

Photo: Instagram

Julia Kovalchuk followed the example of many of his colleagues are ready to start work. The singer first became a mother only six weeks ago. The second half of pregnancy, the girl held in Spain and because of its “interesting situation” was not able to be creative. Over the months, Julia had time to miss work, as well as on its own the usual — not the mom and wife and beautiful diva, which applauded the fans.

“Did you miss yourself like that! — signed Kovalchuk my old photos in Instagram. — Tomorrow (today!) return. Start with the photo shoot and went. But I beg of you, my dear and caring subscribers will not waste time moralizing about my appearance or presence/absence of the house! All I have in balance. Believe me, the priorities are!”

By the way, all this time that the star spent at home in the pleasant chores, she never stopped working on his new solo album. Sometimes taking time even during sleep the baby sitting on the carpet in cozy pajamas.

On the first photo after birth, it was clear that the figure of the singer does not “suffer” from pregnancy. Julia was never likely to be overweight. Later, Kovalchuk admitted that all the extra pounds gone in the first weeks after birth.

But the face Kovalchuk has changed pretty much. It was noticed by the singer’s fans when “freshly baked” mommy has published its “first post-partum selfie”. Many noted that apparently Julia began to look much more relaxed and peaceful than before. In her eyes, happiness and a bit of fatigue. The latter, incidentally, quite normal, given that the star prefers to take care of a newborn, without resorting to the services of nannies. While Kovalchuk only helps her mom: she is a good support for Julia. Now, apparently, the star will also have to enlist the help of a professional nanny to work longer than now.

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