The star of the show “Psichologine” learned how to eat and lose weight

Звезда сериала «Психологини» научилась есть и худеть
Thanks to its system of nutrition Julia Podosenova holding weight 50 kilos, even if the evening allows himself sweet.

Julia Podosenova

Photo: from personal archive of Yulia Podosenova

series “Psichologine” recently crossed paths with a friend in a cafe and scared her
was puzzled by the fact that despite the late hour, quietly eating chocolate. Dieters
a friend said: “the Evening can not eat sweet!” Julia had to reveal the secret of his
power systems — alternating diets, through which any dessert simply
unable to damage.

“Four months, I eat normally, and then arrange a two-month
unloading: exclude from the diet sweet,
flour and milk, but take a course of Supplements that purify the body, — said
actress. It’s not easy, but the result is stunning. Because then you can quietly even
night to eat a piece of cake — and for me it will be nothing.”

Julia fundamentally opposed to diets: seen enough friends who
brought diets to metabolic disorders and other problems, and even
then gain weight! Podosenova went their own way. In the periods before and
after unloading she eats everything that I want, practicing five meals a day
small portions and separation of proteins and carbohydrates. Listening to her
the body, she doesn’t eat cakes and drink sodas. But twice
Yes, it happens in the gym. And
the first weekend after the next film project is in
Spa, where he spent five hours enjoying the massage and other

Adhering to a system power and energy consumption, the actress is not
only not fattening, but also periodically hear from the Directors: “Julia,
you would a little better, and then quite skinny!”

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