Julia Aug told about the horrors of his life

Юлия Ауг рассказала об ужасах своей жизни
The famous actress flew from Russia.

Julia Aug

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The star of the film “Catherine” Julia Aug shared
the philosophical arguments about what fears she feels, going to
foreign country. The actress flew from Moscow to Europe.

“I love life in the following morning, as
today — shared the actress. — Arrive early, dark morning to the airport.
No baggage get on the plane, not in a hurry, sit in a cafe,
to order eggs, toast and cereal, tea, sea buckthorn and lazy to read the scenario
knowing that after a couple of hours, I’ll go with the ladder in another country. And there will be
a different air, and different horizon, and houses with spires and narrow Windows, the home of
red brick houses inhabited by old men and dogs and their grandchildren,
left to the education of children who
moved to Europe in search of work”.

Julia Aug
he added that the love for the old Europe, she experienced not always.

“A few
years ago, I had the feeling that these old European cities
Outback, I can escape from the horror of my life, but it was an illusion, —
she shared. The horror of his own life I carry a backpack, sometimes
lay out, leave the hotel, but he always comes back. It would be better for me
this return was a happy occasion, or a Sunny day, but no, I
got this small but stubborn terror, and in the old town with houses from
red brick he sleeps and doesn’t bother me. It’s an illusion, of course, but I
I smile.”