В жизни Кейт Хадсон появился новый мужчина
The actress does not hide the feelings to her new boyfriend.

В жизни Кейт Хадсон появился новый мужчина

Kate Hudson


Cafe Vida in Los Angeles recently became unwitting witnesses Dating
37-year-old Kate Hudson and her new Beau. As it turned out, the bearded
companion of the actress and 30-year-old guitarist Danny Fujikawa.

I started Dating Danny recently, but she’s not even trying
to hide from the public their feelings. So dined at Cafe Vida had the opportunity to admire
as the couple were hugging and kissing, not paying any attention to
outsiders. And having completed their meal they
left together, holding hands. Moreover, it was possible to trace the paparazzi
Kate and Danny went to the Hudson home. Kate was seen with Fujikawa and
a few days earlier — on a walk, during which they openly expressed
feelings to each other, it is not
hesitating of passers-by. And before that —
a romantic dinner in the restaurant, Giorgio Baldi, where they came together with another loving couple
arrange a “double date”.

Kate definitely has a weakness for rock musicians. Her first and so far
only husband and the father to the eldest son of actress Ryder — Chris Robinson — played in the group the Black Crows. Matthew Bellamy is the father of the youngest son Bingham and fiance Kate
with whom she was engaged for 4 years — the soloist of group “Muse”. Another boyfriend Hudson and Nick Jonas, member of Jonas Brothers. And now she again meets with the cavalier with the
directly related to music.

the guitarist of the Delta and one of the founders of the record
company Lightwave Records. Before becoming a musician
Fujikawa went on to study at new York University. As far as we know, he
not married and, in principle, nothing prevents him to build a relationship with Hudson. True
there is one problem — an affair with Danny
now Kate is not very good, since she is currently suing
with ex-husband Chris Robinson for custody of son Ryder. Chris says
that she was giving the son enough time and attention. And this affair may not
best for Kate to affect the judge’s decision.

Kate Hudson and Danny Fujikawa