Бритни Спирс взяла на себя заботу о семье молодого любовника
The singer helps to get the sister of the beloved.

Britney Spears completely lost his head from love to his young boyfriend Sam
Asgari. She is so passionate about Sam that strives to benefit not only his
himself, but also his family. The latest achievement of Britney — she helped to break in
the modeling business is still yesterday to nobody known sister Asgari — Fay. About it
reported the online edition of etonline.com.

fashion show collections Michael Costello, held at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in part of Fashion Week in
Los Angeles just could not see sitting in the front row Britney Spears
and her beloved 23 — year-old Sam Asgari. Outfit
35-year-old singer was as always spectacular: she dressed for the occasion in mini dress
with lace sleeves. And from the face of Britney, as well, and her companion, did not go
with a radiant smile. As it turned out, Spears and her boyfriend came for a show not
accidentally. They came here to hold sister Sam — Fay, which debut on the catwalk
took place that evening.

say, sister Asgari nor
that wouldn’t be in this show, if not for energetic protection from the
Britney, who used his connections and acquaintances. In the end, the designer even
felt flattered that his show was honored by the visit of this remarkable
guest. At the end of the show, he tweeted made them
personally the photo of the couple with the caption: “What a sweet and gentle

as for Asgari, with whom Britney started Dating in November last year, he that night just beaming with pride. “My quite
big little sister debuted today at the show!” — he wrote in
Instagram as a comment under
they posted the video depicting the passage of Fay on the catwalk. And now, as
the debut was a success, Ms. Asgari has the right to hope for a successful career in
modeling business — of course, not without the help of Britney.

My little big sister doing her first show @fayasghari

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