Julia Alibekova can’t move into a new apartment

Юлия Салибекова не может въехать в новую квартиру Eks-the participant “Houses-2” the housewarming was postponed due to health problems. Julia Alibekova and her husband Tigran decided to wait with moving to Moscow “kopeck piece”, purchased by the couple in December last year.

      Юлия Салибекова не может въехать в новую квартиру

      A couple of former participants of the reality show “Dom-2” Julia and Tigran Salibekov a couple of weeks ago announced its subscribers on the completion of repairs in their new two-room apartment in Shchelkovo. Julia Alibekova, enthusiastically told in a microblog about all the details of the arrangement and design of housing planned that already in early April, her family moved from a Studio apartment in “kopeck piece.” Julia Alibekova boasted a luxurious design a new apartment

      But life is made in the plans of ex-participants “Houses-2” adjustments. Julia Alibekova eve were placed in the microblog photo of his two sons Roland and Eldar, saying that the boys started to ache. Attentive subscribers Salibekov, having considered the came to the conclusion that it is made in the old family home. The interior of the kitchen does not coincide with the fact that recently boasted the mother of two children.

      The followers threw Julia questions on the topic of his family moved to a new apartment. And then she admitted that the long-awaited housewarming party, so impatiently she and her husband waited and approached, had to be postponed indefinitely.

      “I will not move into a new apartment, bitterly replied Julia Alibekova in the comments to the post about the sons. – Things are Packed up and got sick all.”

      Fans of the pair immediately wished the boys a speedy recovery, and Julia and her husband move into a new apartment and the happiness in it. “Handsome! Speedy recovery! God bless you!”, “I love you and your beauties! I also have two son! Recovering!”, “I thought you were already in a new apartment living. I congratulate you on a job well done!”, “Well Done Julia! Since the days of “House-2″ I remember. You changed a lot, became wiser, a great mom, gorgeous wife. Not all have patience to achieve your area. Everybody wants everything at once, and you showed patience and worked hard. In the new house I wish you a long and happy life”, – such comments leave subscribers in the microblog Yulia Alibekova.

      Recall that the keys to a new apartment in the suburbs a couple of ex-participants “House-2” was in early December last year. Spouses have become masters of “kopeck piece” in the new building. Apartment eks-participants “Houses-2” is located in the residential district “Bogorodsky” of the city of Shchyolkovo is located just twenty kilometers from the MKAD. According to some, the acquisition cost salibekov by more than three million rubles.