Nargiz Zakirova criticized the “Battle of psychics”

Наргиз Закирова раскритиковала "Битву экстрасенсов"
After the statements of the former host of the show “Battle of psychics” Mikhail Porechenkov around the project, there was a scandal.

Наргиз Закирова раскритиковала "Битву экстрасенсов"

A statement discussing the actor, trying to understand what he says true.

“I with them worked. Kalda-the bulldozer, I say. All lies! Yes, totally. What is there not to disclose? Speak the truth,” – said Porechenkov.

Some Internet users support actor and share his opinion, and some are trying to defend your favorite show.

Fans remembered the words Nargiz Zakirova that she spoke after participating in the “Battle of psychics” in 2014.

“Plunged in the whole stupid story, I’m terribly sorry about what’s involved in all this. Then I realized that this is complete nonsense, and I lit like a little girl… It was just stupid, totally dishonest and false divorce. I don’t believe in this show, I don’t believe there’s such a large number of psychics, because such a gift is not given to every fifth person. On television each season recruiting new psychics, and so many of them…” he told Nargis in the program “touches to the portrait Nargiz Zakirova”.

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