Джуди Денч сыграет королеву Викторию в фильме «Виктория и Абдул»

Actress Judi Dench, previously successfully embodies on screen role of the boss of James bond, the new project will lead the whole country.

The Oscar-winning star has agreed to shoot the film “Victoria and Abdul”, where will appear to us in the role of British Queen Victoria – grandmother of the current Queen of England Elizabeth II.

About the impending project, at the moment we know very little. The screenplay will be based on the book “Victoria and Abdul: the True history the closest confidant of the Queen”. His authorship will Hall. The Director’s chair is Stephen Frears.

The plot of the film will be based off the Movie the unexpected friendship of the late years of the reign of the Queen. Abdul Karim was a young Indian clerk, who arrived in London to celebrate the Golden jubilee of the Queen. Soon, between him and Victoria friendships that close to the Queen tried to break it. Victoria gave Abdul all sorts of honors and he served her for 15 of the last years of the reign of Queen.

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