Гэри Росс дал развернутый комментарий о «женском» ремейке «Друзей Оушена»

The swamping of modern kinoprogramma various sequels, prequels and remakes continues. This time preparing a new version of “ocean’s eleven”, where the main roles are performed not men and women.

A remake of the trilogy about Hoshanah will be engaged in Director Gary Ross (“the Hunger games”). He gave a detailed commentary about what the viewer will see in the new film: “you Know, Steven Soderbergh (the Creator of the original trilogy) and I are incredibly close friends, otherwise I won’t get to play. It is unlikely he would have approved the project if he got into the wrong hands. This extension of peace and the continuation of the story. He is producing the film. Of course, everyone has their own style, and therefore will feel the difference, but Steven’s has created a fascinating a tone with me, and we often discuss it. We exchange views on cinematography, manner of filming, the rhythm of the story, the editing and music. Discuss all the slightest details. Of course, I’m not going to change the spirit of the series, but it is with great pleasure and honor to work on its expansion”.

Ross notes that many are mistaken when they call it “ocean’s eleven” a remake of the earlier film.

It is rather a sequel where the main characters will not be 11/12/13, and eight.

It is assumed that the main role in the film will play Sandra Bullock, cate Blanchett, Elizabeth banks, mindy Kaling and Helena Bonham Carter. Shooting is expected to begin in the fall of 2016.

In the film, Bullock will portray the sister of Danny ocean with a criminal past. With the help of his loyal colleague (Blanchett), she assembles a team of thieves to steal the necklace from the Met Gala and expose the evil owner of an art gallery.

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