Сериал «Темное дитя» близок к завершению

The happiest at the moment are probably fans of the TV series “Supernatural”. Mystical series for several years pleases fans with no news about the fact that it is closed.

Unfortunately for fans of the sci-Fi series “orphan black”, its creators are prepared to say goodbye to them.

It became known today that the previously announced fifth season of Teleostei will be the final.

The last 10 episodes will air in 2017. In addition, the producers promise that viewers of the final episode of the fourth season of the series will be a very unexpected plot twist.

Note that the series has attracted the attention of the audience in a rather unusual history. “Orphan black” tells the story of incomprehensible experiment in which you created multiple clones of one person. The main role in the series takes Tatiana Maslany. For his part, the actress received several nominations for Emmy awards and also recognition of movie and Telekritika.

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