Judi Dench losing eyesight

Джуди Денч теряет зрение
The actress is not going to resign and have not forgotten how to fall in love.

Judi Dench


82-year-old Judi Dench disappointed his fans. She admitted that she sees
already very bad, and could eventually completely lose his eyesight. “Doctors
found out I have macular degradation of the retina. And, I can assure you, it is
not fun…” — recently told Judy. As told by the actress, the problem
vision creates for her a big problem. After all, Dench, although she’s already
celebrated his 82nd birthday, is still active and not removed
going to go “down”. So when she gets another
the script, Judy has to make a choice between two equally uncomfortable
options. Actress or have to ask someone to read her the text and such
way, to learn it by ear. Or she asks specifically for it
reprinted script font number 22. “This creates problems. Even if
we are working on a sonnet consisting of 14 lines, all of them fit on a single
page. But I have to deal with a whole pack of paper!” — complains

Unfortunately for Judy, the manuscript is not the only difficulty
associated with her weakening vision. The fact that in recent years Dench,
his spare time was fond of painting. “But to do this to me all
harder. I usually draw from life, and when I look down from the object
which is trying to portray on the canvas, my illness prevents me to “switch”…” — admitted the actress. But what upsets
Judy most, poor eyesight prevents her from travel. She’s already one more
never goes anywhere, she has to take someone.

However, with the selection of the satellite from Dench is not a problem. Despite his advanced
age, she’s still young at heart, Judy has a boyfriend — David mills,
whom she started Dating 7 years ago. “Being in love is just
wonderful. In love is always a pleasure to deal with — they unwittingly make you
to smile and laugh. I love to have fun. And I think that feeling
humor is the most attractive quality in men. And now I have
a truly wonderful friend. I don’t call him partner, I don’t like that word.
Partners are in the dance. And David, I think my “guy”!” — explain