Alexey Klokov was played by the Greek Caprice Lena

Алексей Клоков исполнил греческий каприз Лены Лениной

Alexey Klokov is an artist with a great name, which for nearly thirty years, receives more and more recognition in the global art arena, among the most recognized art dealers and collectors. Picture of the artist associated with luxury, and luxury associated with the name Lena. Once again to order beautiful and scandalous socialite artist Alexey Klokov fulfilled expensive and bulk order. It all began with a vacation in Sunny Greece.

This summer Lena Lenina spent with the mother on the island of Rhodes. Literally fell in love with the island, they studied all of it to buy a piece of a place under the sun. Having considered all proposals, and after a little bargaining, Lena’s family chose a house with stunning views and luxurious space. Since the prices of Greek real estate is now particularly attractive, they, without hesitation, made a deal. After Lena was personally involved in the decor and interior design. However, the situation at home will never be perfect, if not fill it with art.

With the artist Alexei Klicovym flamboyant businesswoman Lena Lenina met long ago. Seeing his paintings on one of his European exhibitions, Lena so in love with his work, ever since, collecting his paintings. The walls of its Moscow and Paris apartments decorated with oil paintings of the artist. For holiday homes in the towns of Marseille and Cambridge in the Moscow region Alexey wrote two special collections — white-gold and black-and-white.

The Greek order was not less extravagant than his customer. Lena Lenina asked to perform all of the pictures (and they had ordered only twenty) in a minimalist style. “…smaller the better… such was the wording. Creativity for Alexei is the element in which it is not enough, therefore, at the request of his charming and devoted collector, he responded with joy. The piece is already written and ready to send.

Lena Lenina is famous for its hospitality. Her house is always full of stars and celebrities, who feel completely comfortable. It looks like the next beach season all the Moscow and the Paris get-together will take place in Rhodes. For example, the spring Alex has received an invitation from Lena to fly to Greece to personally hang the paintings depending on the interior of each room, to evaluate the comfort of a new Villa and panoramic views, enjoy the freshness of a Sunny Greek fruits and vegetables.