Jude law commented on the casting for the role of Dumbledore in the “fantasy creatures 2”

Джуд Лоу прокомментировал кастинг на роль Дамблдора в «Фантастических тварях 2»

Some time ago the creators of “Fantastic creatures and where they live” published news sequeli picture will star Jude law, which will embody on the screen the image of Professor Dumbledore. The actor, who previously starred in films mostly with a romantic slant, because the role of fantasy in the picture is for him something new.

As recognized by law, in order to fully experience your character and to grow into the role, he intends to talk to the person who has to direct a relationship – J. K. Rowling.

“My immediate goal is to meet JK Rowling and to talk about who Dumbledore is, what she wants to see him, to learn a little more about her vision for this character,” said Jude. I hope the idea Rowling actor understand correctly and will be a worthy incarnation of the Professor.

Note that the castes of the sequel “Fantastic beasts…” is really impressive. On the screen we see Zoe Kravitz, Eddie Redmayne, johnny Depp.

Film premiere to be held in November 2018.