Amber heard for a long time refused to Elon musk

Эмбер Херд долгое время отказывала Илону Маску

A few days ago amber heard confirmed what all and so guessed. The Hollywood actress has published on his page in social networks joint photo with new boyfriend Elon Musk. To emphasize that the man belongs to her, ex-wife of johnny Depp left a mark of his kiss on the cheek of the beloved. Each of them had the same stormy personal life, but now in a new relationship they have found peace. Or so it seems. The journalists managed to dig in their past and they learned something interesting.

Met amber and Elon during the filming of the movie “Machete kills” in 2013. Already lost from the beauty of the actress’s head Mask “stalked” her, and she didn’t even appear with him in public.
The pair first came to light only last summer when the herd was going through a very rough divorce with her husband johnny Depp and Elon was in a slow divorce proceedings with his wife twice Talulah Riley.
Chatty amber’s dad already announced to reporters that his daughter had a serious relationship with a Elon, and that the couple seriously discuss a future marriage.