Джуд Лоу и Чарли Ханнэм в первом тизере эпичной саги «Меч короля Артура»

Director guy Ritchie is not often pleases us with his film credits, but when this does happen, the audience are happy with the result.

This year on the big screen will come a new creation of the British filmmaker is a historical drama called “the Sword of king Arthur”.

In the scenario of the film based on the novel by English writer of the XV century mayor Thomas Malory. It tells of king Arthur, trying to dethrone the tyrant Vortigen and to avenge my dead parents. The main cast of steel Charlie Hunnam (“Hooligans of green street”) and Jude law (“the Holiday”). Also in the film there was a place player and good friend, Richie, David Beckham.

Today, the Network was presented the first teaser of the drama. The trailer prepares us for something huge, massive and impressive. Many lovers of good cinema has already said about the film: “the Most ambitious project at the moment Richie looks super, his style in every frame visible. In the General class!!!”, “The trailer is great, the style of Richie, happy”, “Very good actors and I hope the Director will not fail.”

The Russian premiere is scheduled for may of this year. Looking forward to it.