Joseph Prigozhin has complained of panic attacks for Valerie

Иосиф Пригожин пожаловался на панические атаки из-за Валерии The producer lived in constant fear for his wife. Joseph Prigozhin for several years very worried about Valerie when they were apart. Your male as compared with staying in hell.
Иосиф Пригожин пожаловался на панические атаки из-за Валерии

Creative and family Union of the singer Valeria and producer Joseph Prigogine is considered one of the highest in the Russian show business. The couple were married in June 2004, and for thirteen years did not give any reason for talking about the disorder.

Valeria and Joseph Prigozhin always together – at work, at rest and during the tour. But it was not always so. In the beginning of the relationship the couple often broke up. Reflecting back on that period of his life, Joseph Prigogine says that separation from Valerie, he was given a very hard time. Because of the terrible excitement for the wife it was periodically covered with a panic attack.

Иосиф Пригожин пожаловался на панические атаки из-за Валерии“I can’t describe my condition. When Valeria was away on tour, I couldn’t sleep until she reach the place and call me. She is flying the plane – I was scared. I needed to Read next. I could not help myself. One day I was driving on Mira Avenue, stopped, got out and just ran down the street. The feeling was that behind me someone pushes or hits. For me, not understanding anything, he runs a security guard. I’m getting Sklifasovskogo, shouting: “I die!” They checked heart, saying: “you’re all right.” It was a panic attack. Happened for two or three years, I was in hell,” said Joseph Prigogine in the “million dollar Secret”.
Иосиф Пригожин пожаловался на панические атаки из-за Валерии

The producer also admitted that the emergence of Valeria has greatly changed his life. In the early days of Dating, he knew that this woman needed to build a serious relationship. “First of all, I was trying to understand yourself. Was wondering, if I can make her happy, not to disappoint, because she has already had two failed marriages. Yes, and I married at the age of 19, realized that made a mistake,” admitted Joseph Prigozhin.

The producer and singer has managed to build a harmonious family, just agreeing that between them they have six children. Two of the heirs of Joseph from his wife Helen, the illegitimate daughter and the three children Valerie, from her marriage with Alexander Shulgin.

Fans of the couple know that the relationship Valerie and Joseph Prigogine with his children from his first marriage are not ideal. The producer and his successors in conflict for several years. Valeria does not accept civil husband of the daughter

“Dima and Danae infrequent guests in our home. There mom is in charge of the process,” said leading “Secret” one million Valeria.
Иосиф Пригожин пожаловался на панические атаки из-за Валерии

But lately the relationship has thawed. As admitted the singer, Danae sent her a message apologising for the conflict, which was exaggerated in the press. She even came to the Studio, “million dollar Secret” to confirm that now the fragile peace has been restored. “We need to learn to forgive. Native people will always be family” – wisely noticed this.

It is obvious that the successor of Joseph Prigogine was interested in good relations with his father and his family. The girl even asked my dad about the marriage when she was proposed to by the man you love. Prigogine advised her daughter not to hurry and said that for him the appeal of Danae to him very valuable.