A statement in support of Timur Kizâkova

Заявление в поддержку Тимура Кизякова I’ve know Timur Kizâkova, so the news that the Prosecutor General’s office began an investigation of possible violations during the filming of the program “While all houses”, perceived as an unfortunate absurdity.

(Timur himself, having heard about it on the day of his 50th birthday, responded about the same).

If anyone finds the TV more disinterested than Dung, I’d be extremely surprised. The last “children’s passports” made his money he spent on assistance to orphans all forces and means. Yes, Timur built a house outside the city, but life there is more than modest.

I have been visiting, talked with three children Timur and Elena and I know whereof I speak. Ten years until the TV host was involved in his transfer, he never parted with a cheap phone. To get to the television station metro Kizâkova was never a problem. His beautiful Helen, I saw different methods in the same dress. But if someone thinks that 100 thousand rubles for a poignant video about the child (other Timur and Elena Kazakova not filmed) – it’s too much, let will count, how much is one flight TV groups in an orphanage somewhere in the depths of Siberia.