Иосиф Пригожин объяснил, почему восхищается Валерией The producer praised the wife for her never-ending positivity. Prigogine wonders how the singer always manages to be in such a great mood. Fans of the pop stars believe that the secret is that Valeria is happy and loved.

      Иосиф Пригожин объяснил, почему восхищается Валерией

      Joseph Prigogine and Valeria are one of the strongest pairs of domestic show-business. The couple try to spend a lot of time together and with children. Prigogine is also the producer of the singer, so the work of the husband and wife have to solve many issues. However, no worries and troubles can not be spoiled by Valerie’s mood.

      Prigogine has posted on his blog a picture of the wife behind the wheel of a car. Valeria smiles and looks forward, her eyes shining. “How so it turns out to be always positive?”, – signed frame Joseph. A hashtag can say that about hotel “Ritz Carlton” in Moscow were shooting the video for the song “the Body wants love”.

      Subscribers microblog Prigogine noted that Valeria feels so happy because she loved her husband, she is doing well in his personal life. “Healthy body – healthy mind! Valeria in excess of hormone happiness. But in sufficient quantity it from one who has enough physical exertion, She just pays no attention to the surrounding negativity,” suggested the other users of the social network.

      Recall that Joseph Prigogine and Valeria together just over 11 years. Many wonder how they manage to maintain a marriage and feel in love with each other as when they first met. “We have absolute parity. We’re partners and make decisions together. I’m the Prime Minister, and Valeria – President,” – said Prigogine.

      The man never ceases to admire his wife, her beauty and talents. He is willing to go to great lengths for the woman he loved. Joseph found a common language with children of Valerie from her first marriage and adopted them as their own. As regards the work of Prigogine did not mind that sometimes he remains in the shadow of his famous wife.

      “Once I had a lot of ambitions in career matters. But today don’t break me of the phrase “husband of Valerie” and “producer Valerie”. I’m helping a creative person in work, and thus I am always with family. Everyone dreams about it,” shared Joseph in interview “StarHit”. Valeria: “Joseph shouted: all get divorced! Went to the registry office!”

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