How not to go crazy with the baby: experiences Podolsky, Chekhova and Kamiren

Как не сойти с ума с младенцем: опыт Подольской, Чеховой и Камирен The lack of sleep, unreasonable tantrums, and cutting teeth – the star mom has the same problem with children, as do we all. June 1, children’s Day, Natalia Podolskaya, Anfisa Chekhova and Elina, Kamiren shared with “StarHit” their ingenuity in education.

      Как не сойти с ума с младенцем: опыт Подольской, Чеховой и Камирен

      Natalia Podolskaya

      Natalia Podolskaya and Vladimir Presnyakov became the parents of 5 June 2015. The long-awaited Artemy was a real gift for parents day in 5 years of marriage. But they had to face certain difficulties.

      Problem 1 – the sleepless nights

      “When the Subject was six months, he was waking up 10 times a night, and “disconnected” only on my chest, ” recalls Natalia. – One time he saved the cradle, but when my son grew out of it, I covered the horror. Helped mom – she was sitting with the Subject, and in the morning I could “Dospat” 3 hours, but what about the baby? After all, he need to rest, too! I asked for help in “the Center of children’s sleep and development BabySleep”. I was advised the following: at night, when the Subject woke up in the wrong for feeding time, I came up and picked him up, comforted, gave to understand that mother is near, and only then put back. In order to establish the regime, it took us 1.5 months. I now placed the Subject at 20.30, he gets up at 6.30″.

      Problem 2 – wean from the breast


      “Feed, I stopped a week ago, was worried how the Theme will react. But we just started solid foods, and now the son willingly eats regular human food according to their age. The logic is this: there are Boobs – well, no – not scary”.
      Как не сойти с ума с младенцем: опыт Подольской, Чеховой и Камирен

      Problem 3 – sit at home

      “My life was always busy, and with the advent of Artemia had to sit at home. I was stunned – this never happened before, so I never went anywhere. On the twelfth day after the birth of the Theme could not stand, took the mother, son and we went to the hairdresser to digress to freshen up”.

      Natalia Podolskaya: “After the hysteria Vova said: change the tickets. Fly to son”

      Problem 4 advisers

      “I Instagram almost 750 thousand subscribers. From time to time I post in the blog photo with the Theme and, of course, occasionally people write in the comments the tips that they have no one asks. Someone outraged that I was too easy to put a child, someone insists that I should stay home, not go on tour and not sing. Try not to react… “


      “When the Topic was a few months, he refused to ride in the car seat, he always wanted to go, and he begged on his hands. Remember, we went to visit my sister, the road was a long one. The theme was capricious in the chair and calmed down only after I pressed him.”


      Как не сойти с ума с младенцем: опыт Подольской, Чеховой и Камирен

      Son Anfisa Chekhova and actor Guram Bablishvili may 31 marks four years. TV presenter once admitted to “StarHit” that first year after the birth of Solomon was so heavy that she and her husband talked about divorce. But was able to survive it.

      The same river: Stars who got together after breaking up

      Problem 1 – doesn’t like pot

      “Like many children, Solomon refused to walk independently to the toilet, – says Anfisa. – I was tormented, trying to teach. Even bought a musical potty, which is kind of like had to entertain the baby during the process. But all this nonsense! My baby he’s just distracted. The experience of private suffering can give advice: “Dear mommy, bear. Everything will happen naturally when your child need it”. When Solomon was almost two years old, he started to ask for a pot”.

      Problem 2 – vaccinations

      “Very suspicious to any such procedures. Who can say, how to react to the fragile body of the child? No. I didn’t do Solomon vaccinations, except for one – from tuberculosis. She talked me into it, when I was loopy – was recovering after childbirth. With his health all right. Look to the pediatrician every three months or even less”.

      Problem 3 – control


      “With this baby I started to educate myself, mute, temper, intolerance. All of these qualities to a greater or lesser extent make itself felt in the process of upbringing of the baby. At first, Solomonic could cry, but I didn’t understand the reason, could not calm, annoyed, but then pulls itself. For example, I learned to wash my hair the slightest ingress of water, shampoo on my face and crying son wouldn’t stop. But we have developed a way to avoid it: Solomon rejects the head back, and I carefully my. You just have to be patient. All will take place. And if you throw tantrums, the child will begin to copy your behavior. Get a vicious circle. Son to wean me from selfishness”.
      Как не сойти с ума с младенцем: опыт Подольской, Чеховой и Камирен

      PROBLEM 4 – A MESS

      “I’m not a big fan of cleaning, so, quite early to start earning money, invited a specially trained person. I believe that no one should do what he does not like. Sometimes love of purity is genetically transmitted. In nature, my son laid a little chaos. So it messes everything up. Helps the housekeeper, or I connect. Playfully asking Solomon to collecting cars, and the like, even work!”


      “I read a lot of creepy stories where nannies abuse children, beat. In this respect we are very lucky. For Georgian families normally, when the child brings up no babysitter and a relative. Aunt Nan came from Georgia, lives with us since the birth of Solomon. She was the sister of the mother of Guram. He agreed and now Nan comes to us as needed. Feeds, plays and works with my son when I’m gone. If I’m abroad, she calls us on Skype, and I talk with my son”.


      Как не сойти с ума с младенцем: опыт Подольской, Чеховой и Камирен

      Three months ago the ex-participant of the project “House-2” broke up with her lover, the father of the child Alexander Zadoinov. Now he visits their eight month old daughter only on weekends. Elina, Kamiren for the first time about breaking up with someone: “He just left”

      Problem 1 – fear of travel

      “Eight months ago, Sasha was the first flight,” says Elina. – I had just had in his native Tyumen for documents, but to leave their daughter was not with anyone. All three hours of Alexander tried to arrange a concert of the world – she, unfortunately, was teething. For a short time was able to calm her down, saved the house preparation – we took a soothing gel and teether for teeth that, at my request, cooled flight attendants. Around me hated the quiet, someone even made a comment, saying why fly with such a small? But I kept myself in hand: start to get nervous, Sasha would have passed on my stress.”

      Problem 2 – cannot sleep without mom


      “In six months I first left Sasha with a babysitter one more than a day. While I was away, my daughter ate poorly, hysteria, and at night could not sleep. Now try not to disappear. Even if you need to fly to another city, do it early in the morning to the evening to come back and put Alexander to sleep. One was a case when he goes away for work and did not have time to “hang up”. I had to resort to trickery: he recorded a lullaby for Sasha and the voice mail sent to nanny, she delivered her baby, and the daughter somehow fell asleep”.


      “After the appearance of Sasha’s light long suffered with inflammation. The birth was difficult, I spent a few days in intensive care, inflammatory process has begun, injections of antibiotics – could not feed Sasha. Milk was very much the Breasts swelled up to a sixth of the size, it’s a hell of a pain! In such moments it is important not to stay with the baby alone. Fortunately, Sasha and mom helped with everything – they gave me, have not had time to rest from heavy labor, to take a NAP”.


      “After Sacha’s birth, I became more emotional. In recent years, often crying at night – I’m afraid that I could not “pull” us to provide a decent future, because I want the best for my daughter! Understand that in addition to himself can not count on anyone, because I have no husband, no brother, no dad, only mom, but she can’t often come to the rescue. Sometimes it seems that all the edge, start feeling sorry for myself, crying in the pillow. In such cases I’ve always Valerian – drink and gets a little easier.”


      “My daughter and I live in a rented apartment in the center of Moscow, recently we have started a war with the neighbors. Once encountered in the stairwell with a 50-year-old lady who lives across the hall, and she told me: “well, you have a constant PR worth it?” I said, “You speak as if I child is being beaten.” Word for word, started sparring. Now this lady periodically knocks me into the wall, if Sasha cries. In my opinion, it is not necessary to pay attention to such “advisers”. Just follow the regime: Sasha at 22.00 sleeps, not at night screaming, toys on the floor not batters. Behaves like any normal child – I do not understand why having three grandchildren, the neighbor will not take it in the sense”. Elina, Kamiren showed the rented apartment where he lives with his daughter


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