Wife 68-year-old guitarist of The Rolling Stones gave birth to twins

Супруга 68-летнего гитариста The Rolling Stones родила двойню The musician became the father of twins. The wife of Ronnie wood Sally gave birth to two adorable girls. Baby was born late Monday. Mother with newborn heirs feel good.

      Супруга 68-летнего гитариста The Rolling Stones родила двойню

      68-year-old guitarist for the Rolling Stones Ronnie wood became a father for the fifth time. Such good news in the family of the musician has been a boon for him at the eve of the day of birth. In the artist family double happiness, after all, 38-year-old wife Sally gave her husband the twins. Lovely little girl born on Monday.

      “Girls born on 30 may at 22.30 and feel good. They’re adorable”, – announced the representatives of the wood. They also said, as he called the baby girl Gracie Jane and Alice rose.

      For famous musician of the legendary band became the fifth daughter and the sixth child. Ronnie already has four adult children who were born from two ex-wives. Besides, Ronnie adopted son of his second wife. Moreover, the wood nine grandchildren grow up.

      Ronnie wood and theater Director Sally Humphries tied the knot four years ago. The guitarist tried his luck in his personal life at the age of 65. After nine years of Dating, the couple decided to build a romantic relationship. The lovers had just six months to realize that they were made for each other. Even the age difference of 31 years did not bother wood and Humphreys. The musician and his fiancee announced their engagement, and two months later were married. 34-year-old Sally looked flawless in a white wedding dress simple cut, but Ronnie looked in a dark blue suit with a corsage very elegant.

      “Ronnie and Sally have been friends for a long time. Over the last few months they were inseparable, so Ronnie decided to tie the knot”, – talked about wedding of the musician.

      The wedding of Ronnie and Sally took place on 21 December 2012. The ceremony was attended by only the closest pair – the relatives and friends. The musician’s children also came to congratulate the father with the marriage. And colleagues in the group The Rolling Stones among the guests were not observed.

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