Joseph Kobzon more than a week is in intensive care

Иосиф Кобзон больше недели находится в реанимации Joseph Kobzon is fighting for her life in the Department one of the best Oncology clinics in the country. Previously, the wife of the singer reported that he feels fine, but today came the news that the popular artist was transferred to the intensive care unit.
Иосиф Кобзон больше недели находится в реанимации

For 13 years Joseph Kobzon is fighting hard with cancer. He repeatedly passed treatment in Western hospitals, and after each major operation is still returned to the stage to delight fans with their talent.

However, a couple of days ago, reports surfaced that the actor was hospitalized. His condition is estimated as stably heavy, and now it turned out that Kobzon was transferred to intensive care.

It turned out that Joseph was still July 20, is one of the capital’s hospitals in the Department of neurosurgery. As his health began to deteriorate, the doctors took the decision to translation of the famous patient in the intensive care unit. Now for the life of the famous artist fighting for the best doctors in the country.

Earlier, the wife of singer Nelly Kobzon told reporters that not to worry and her husband’s life is not in danger. The wife of the singer who supports him, and that faithful companion all these years, stimulated Joseph Davidovich to continue the fight.

“I remember when I was diagnosed, and I was afraid to tell his wife. But Nellie once said that we are going to be treated and everything will be fine. Then there was the surgery in Germany. In General I am opposed to be treated abroad. However, I was then told that if I don’t go to a doctor and undergo treatment, you will die in two weeks. I just didn’t have a choice, and we went to Germany for two months. While there, I thought, can ever again to sing. If not, then life was meaningless. I wanted to go on stage” — shared her memories of Joseph Kobzon in the program “Let them talk”.

Fans are sure that relatives and friends Kobzon just don’t want to cause panic among the public. That is why the facts about the true condition of the singer were not disclosed. So, earlier colleagues of Joseph Davydovich for work in the State Duma has denied reports about the dire health of the star. According to them, the actor is undergoing treatment, and his life threatens nothing.

“I took out the gurney”: reported the hospitalization of Joseph Kobzon

Kobzon himself in interviews has called on fans and celebrity friends regularly held surveys in order to detect the cancer. The artist was sure that finding cancer early, a person is able to overcome the disease and return to normal life.

While the TV channel “REN-TV” is not reported, what are the predictions of doctors about the health of Kobzon. However, fans of people’s artist hope for the best.