Мигель о возвращении Егора Дружинина в «ТАНЦЫ»: «Будет жесть» Very soon on channel TNT kicks off a new season of the show “DANCING”. The creators of the project have promised a lot of surprises, and perhaps chief among them was the return of Yegor Druzhinin.
Мигель о возвращении Егора Дружинина в «ТАНЦЫ»: «Будет жесть»

Nationwide auditions, thousands of dancers, spectacular weekly concerts and sincere stories of ordinary guys — all this has become a regular part of each edition of the popular show “DANCING”, which is already at the end of August, will appear again on television. And the biggest surprise of the fifth season, perhaps, was the return of Yegor Druzhinin.

Famous choreographer explained that he had time to rest, and therefore, ready with new forces to undertake the education of young and talented dancers.

“What we did in the project was good, hard work. Rooms, stage and video solutions, television techniques and the program itself, as the format was not the fruit of a momentary imagination of a single person — the project was created intelligently and gradually. From the new season I expect the interest of participants and of rooms. “DANCING” is a unique opportunity to work with the best of the best. And I’m not just talking about the participants, but also invited the choreographers” — shared with “StarHit” the choreographer.
Мигель о возвращении Егора Дружинина в «ТАНЦЫ»: «Будет жесть»

Of course, fans are less interested in the position Miguel is one of the most ardent opponents of Yegor in the show. Colleagues have often not seen eye to eye, because to watch dance battles became more interesting.

“I don’t know if I’m glad the return of Yegor in the project or not. I’m in the river already joined, you know how it ends. Will tin”, — shared his thoughts Miguel with “StarHit”.
Мигель о возвращении Егора Дружинина в «ТАНЦЫ»: «Будет жесть»

Show “DANCES” are really waiting for a Renaissance, because the producers of the project changed and its rules. Now for the victory will fight talented guys from three teams. Rooms will be harder, and the coaches will have to sweat to demonstrate the ability of their students in all its glory.

Immediately after came the news of the return of Egor Druzhinin, the alarm sounded, the fans of Tatiana Denisova. However, the producers hastened to reassure the audience: gifted mentor is not to leave the show.

“I took the news about the return of Yegor very easily. Moreover, I thought it should be done and it will be interesting”, — shared his thoughts Tatiana.

During the existence of the “DANCING” show people the huge range of existing dance styles: Vogue, dancehall, jazz funk, contemporary, stripelike, crump, and many others. Through the project, across the country there are many dance schools, people became interested in choreography, to attend master-classes of participants and interested in dance culture as a whole. So there is no doubt that the fifth season once again will amaze and delight fans of the rousing choreography.