Jolie is most admired woman in the world

Джоли стала самой уважаемой женщиной планеты

The Hollywood star walked in the ranking of professional politicians.

International research company YouGov has published a rating of the most respected people in the world. Among women, the first line, beating the professional politicians, took the actress and social activist Angelina Jolie. She surpassed even the British Queen Elizabeth II and presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

Leadership Jolie looks surprising, given the fact that recently she is not going smoothly. The press constantly discusses her alleged impending divorce from brad pitt, unhealthy weight loss, and problems with mood. But perhaps all this is already in the past.

The other day, the celeb made a sensational statement: it intends to engage seriously in politics. According to the publication Us Weekly, Jolie wants to become a member of the UK government. The actress even has a mentor in the person of the house of lords Armanti Helik, she consults her for several years and often happens in a London house, which is home to a stellar collection.

And the big news: the actress stated that it is willing to spend on a new post (unless, of course, will get it) full time. And fans have sounded the alarm: is she leaving the cinema? Because at the time her colleague Arnold Schwarzenegger, taking the post of Governor of California, for a long time tied up with the shooting. Well, how serious are the intentions of the stars and how she’d get to combine politics with art, time will tell. But I want to believe that the mother of six children, nothing is impossible.

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