“Eurovision 2016”: what threatens Lazarus error Stotsky

«Евровидение-2016»: чем грозит Лазареву ошибка Стоцкой

Singer Anastasia Stotskaya, which this year became a member of the jury of the international competition, during the final rehearsal of semi-final held the stream in the Periscope and told one of the contestants she liked more. All anything, but according to the rules of “Eurovision” do absolutely not!

Stotsky now experiencing not only for himself but also for his colleague Sergey Lazarev, who acts in the competition from our country.

At best, the organizers of “Eurovision” will require Russia the penalty for the error. In the worst – disqualifiziert Sergey Lazarev.

There is also a third opinion: we will forgive the mistake Stotsky, who tried to justify his act…

“I was warned about confidentiality, not to disclose the results of the vote, in fact, that’s what I did, said Stotsky reporters. And about the video, no one knew of us. And I removed myself in order to promote competition, without malice. I’m very worried actually, I am in stress. Of course, this wasn’t done on purpose, I hope that everything is fine will be resolved”.

In fact, Anastasia really didn’t do anything horrible. She merely noted the statements of the representatives of the Netherlands and Armenia. The room of Dutch celeb called “cute” and during his speech, Armenian women Iveta Mukuchyan said: “my husband is Armenian, I am in favor of Armenians.”

The organizers, meanwhile, announced on Twitter that they will take the decision about the incident with Anastasia Stotskaya today, may 10.

Sergey Lazarev will perform with the song “You Agay The Оnly OPE” (“You’re the only one”) at number nine. His hit is already recognized as one of the best in the competition. He also hopes to win, but doesn’t want to talk about it in advance.

“All I write about what I can take first place. I do not want to think about it, and then you can relax. I think the audience already did, deciding that the victory in his pocket. But this is not the case. I urge everybody to be careful. Now all forecasts are based only on the sound of the song. But the most important factor is how it will be displayed on the competition”, – said Sergei in one of the press conferences.

International competition “Eurovision” takes place in Stockholm from 10 to 14 may. Last year our country was represented at the event Polina Gagarina, she took second place.

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