Jolie and pitt may reunite for daughter

Джоли и Питт могут воссоединиться ради дочери The heiress of the actors asked them to forget all grudges for a family holiday. Sources close to the stars of Hollywood, claim that they are going to spend thanksgiving together. For the sake of Angelina and brad will forget for a while about the contradictions.

      Foreign publications report that Angelina Jolie and brad pitt can be together for thanksgiving, which is celebrated in the USA on the fourth Thursday of November. In 2016, the holiday will fall on 24th of this month. Sources close to the actors claim that their children took hard divorce couples begged Jolie and Pete reunited. The initiator of the meeting parents became 10-year-old Shiloh.

      Children rebelled against Angelina Jolie

      Surrounded by the Angelina say that initially the actress was apprehended in bayonets offer daughter to forgive brad for a while at least. The same can be said about the former wife of one of the sexiest women in the world. To persuade Hollywood to spend thanksgiving together, took a few days. But the baby still managed to melt the hearts of Jolie and pitt. Touching message of a child caused them to forget the wrongs on each other.

      “Shiloh begged brad and Angie to reunite a few weeks. Then she sent them both an emotional letter asking to spend thanksgiving together, which gave to understand that same desire and the other children. In the end, Angie called brad and invited him to a family dinner. It was a Frank and honest conversation. Pitt thanked her for the invitation, Angie said it will be good for everyone,” reports the insider.

      It is also reported that brad buys a Turkey, as in previous years. Hollywood stars want to the coming dinner was no different from the other festive evenings spent in the family circle. “They know that children need security and stability. They both had a very hard time. So, brad was concerned about the idea of meeting Angie face to face. However, he had only two options: to spend thanksgiving alone or with their children,” says the source, which is referenced by foreign journalists.

      Previously, brad apologized to Maddox on the phone. Surrounded by Jolie say that pitt was barely holding back tears, when asked for forgiveness from the adopted son of the actress.

      Recall that recently the FBI stopped the investigation initiated against the former husband of Angelina. Accordingly, now pitt can count on custody of the children. By the way, in the moment, the man involved in premature new movie “the Allies”, which also starred Marion Cotillard. Reporters noted that at the recent premiere of the film in Madrid brad looked great and thanked his colleague for support. Earlier it was reported that pitt is so upset about his divorce from Jolie that he might cancel the event, timed to the release of the tape. However, the artist did not strike the producers and decided to comply with the terms of the contract.