Mack buried a loved one

МакSим похоронила любимого человека The star shared a tragic history. Artist had to go on a trip with his friend named gosh. His relationship with Mack was just beginning, as suddenly a sad event occurred. The performer still hurts to think about it.

      33-year-old singer Maksim rarely shared with fans details his personal life. Instead, the young woman prefers to talk about the success of the charming heiresses of Alexandra and Mary. But recently, the actress made an exception and lifted the veil of secrecy over one of his novels that ended tragically.

      In recognition of the Mack, it still hurt to think about it. The singer told a dramatic story of love in his book “It’s me…” the Autobiography the singer will release the publishing house “Eksmo”. Recently in a Network there was a passage from the works of a celebrity. In it, Mack spoke for the first time about how they lost the suitor, whose name was Gosha.

      “I was bitterly aware of that have grown accustomed to caring, generosity and confidence that everything will be fine. I first encountered this feeling…” – says Maksim.

      According to the artist, the man has surrounded her with constant care and attention. He attended all the events, where they invited a star, sent her flowers. And once even came to the cottage of a young woman and showered gifts upon her plush toys. Mack was touched. Moreover, a new acquaintance gave the impression of a pleasant man and a gallant gentleman. One response suggested the singer to go with him on a journey. Without thinking twice, the singer agreed.

      The day before departure Maksim signed up to the Botkin hospital for a massage. Quite unexpectedly, the artist met in the hallway of a good friend. Now, however, he seemed a completely different person. Gosh was pale, thin and gaunt. He was unable to go with Mack on a journey. The singer also decided not to leave Moscow. The next morning the singer was called and told that her friend died.

      News of the death of the person with whom she was just beginning the relationship was a real shock to Mack.

      “Why? What happened? Gosh, seemed the picture of health: tall, strong, confident thirty-five year old man. He was always smiling and didn’t say a word about the fact that he was bad,” recalls a young woman.

      At the farewell ceremony Maksim stood next to their parents goshi. According to the artist, she really met with his friend only at his funeral. The deceased male was in the military, he went to Chechnya and was considered a real hero. The cause of death goshi was one of his old wounds.

      With the sad anniversary it has been three years. Maksim continues to visit the mother of his friend and brings her flowers. Close Gosha considered the young woman his daughter-in-law because the man had serious plans to star. Even before he met Mack, they considered her part of the family. The artist cannot come to terms with the loss of a loved one. “The pain doesn’t go away. And hardly ever leave”, – quotes the star