Джонни Депп рассказал о рукоприкладстве Эмбер Херд Johnny Depp intends to prove that his ex-wife amber heard put it a beating. The actor claims that a former lover infuriated him being late, she decided to assault.
Джонни Депп рассказал о рукоприкладстве Эмбер Херд

And a half years now, johnny Depp is officially single, but the scandals surrounding his short-term marriage with amber heard still do not cease. Fans that seem to have long forgotten about the acting exploits of the stars, enjoy discussing ordinary details of his personal life.

At this time, johnny said that the ex-wife not just misrepresented it in the press, but also beat him shortly before the beginning of the divorce process. That day, Depp was late to the party arranged in honor of the birthday of amber for two hours, which really set her off.

“In the evening, amber began to accuse him of being late. Being drunk, she pounced on johnny with his fists, and struck him two blows in the face,” — said the source close to the actor.
Джонни Депп рассказал о рукоприкладстве Эмбер Херд

While Depp himself in the time of family struggle, she was completely sober and tried to calm his wife. After amber hit him, the actor decided to leave home. According to the insider, this event has become one of the final points in the short marriage of the stars.

We will remind that earlier divorce johnny and amber were presented under a completely different angle. The actress claimed that ex-lover is constantly drunk, behaved aggressively and was hitting her. Heard even provided evidence of beatings inflicted on her, and then sued the ex-husband a good compensation. Their 32-year-old star gave to charity.

Recently, johnny Depp admitted that 2017 was one of the most difficult in his life. The fact that the actor not only suffered failure in his personal life, but also faced with the sudden death of his mother. The mother of the artist died just three days before amber heard filed for divorce.

According to johnny, during that period he drank a lot and even contemplated suicide. In the end, the artist still managed to cope with depression and get back into the profession. Now he not only plays in films, and performs with his musical group around the world.

Johnny Depp has revealed shocking facts about divorce with amber heard

The Mirror magazine tells how amber heard has responded to the accusations of the former husband. Most likely, the star would not comment on the latest scandal, after a divorce, the actress was deeply immersed in the Affairs changed several wealthy suitors.