Максим Виторган трепал нервы Ксении Собчак The wife of actor had to put up with his constant trips to the matches of the world Cup. Itself Ksenia Sobchak, not very followed the event, as he does not like the sport. Nevertheless, she supported Vitorgan in his Hobbies.
Максим Виторган трепал нервы Ксении Собчак

On STS channel launched the series “New man”. One of the roles in the film played by Maxim Vitorgan. His character tries to win the heart of Tatyana Arntgolts, but he has a rival — ice hockey player, played by Vladimir yepifantsev. According to Vitorgan, he felt comfortable working with colleagues, but with anyone of them he made friends. He noted the professionalism epifantseva.

“I’d like to share one dressing room. He is a very cool, unusual, with your world and look, his demeanor. He tender-hearted man, but a little Martian,” says Vitorgan about a colleague.

Outside of work, max had time to visit the matches of the world Cup. His wife Ksenia Sobchak negative attitude towards this passion of her husband. However, it did not prevent his visits to matches.

“I was nervous, of course. She really does not like football. I besides that went to the matches of our team in other cities, and even watched almost all games of the championship on TV. Xenia was it tough, but nothing suffered, in fact I warned her in advance”, — said Maxim Vitorgan.

Spare time, the actor tries to spend with his family. He’s a bit sorry that I spent enough time older children.

“Now you’re looking for the opportunity to have a baby, but I was looking for an opportunity where would it leave the blame to do their business. Plato is allowed by all, but in my year and a half he’s already fully loaded: go to school three times a week, he swims there, communicate with him exclusively in English… the Children have to indulge, but also to ensure that they do not relax too much,” said the artist.

Ksenia Sobchak and Maxim Vitorgan noted in this year’s fifth anniversary of married life. They have a son Platon. The stars are working on the leading corporate events, are removed for advertising, but Maxim is thinking about the extra income.

“We both have such an unstable life that is empty, then thickly… it would be Necessary for me to engage in any business, to be the basis, because sooner or later it all – TV shows, movies, plays, — end,” said Vitorgan in an interview “Around the TV”.