Аристарх Венес рассказал о романе с Эвелиной Бледанс The star of the show “kadetstvo” appreciates the friendship with a colleague. Aristarchus of wines and Evelina Bledans involved in one of the performances and really communicate well. However, the actor admitted that between them there was no romantic relationship.
Аристарх Венес рассказал о романе с Эвелиной Бледанс

In early July, actress Evelina Bledans became increasingly seen in the company of the stars of the TV series “kadetstvo” and “the Law of the stone jungle” Aristarchus of Venesa. 28-year-old actor and 49-year-old actress involved in the same play, where they play lovers. Also said that Aristarchus great with son Evelyn Simon. However. he admitted that intersects with Bledans at work, but sometimes can meet in an informal setting.

“We have no romantic relationship, and was not. I think Evelyn just decided to intrigue the audience. I don’t know why she needs it. But do we really make friends, communicate,” admitted the actor.
Аристарх Венес рассказал о романе с Эвелиной Бледанс

Aristarchus recognized that, despite the huge number of fans, his heart is still not occupied. In his spare time, the artist is studying music and trying to meet up with friends. However, due to my busy work schedule and it is not always possible, but because he does not want to take in the relationship, not to hurt the girl of his employment and inattention.

Аристарх Венес рассказал о романе с Эвелиной Бледанс“I have a crazy complicated character! Can joke and be the soul of the company, but I’m actually terribly closed and I have almost no friends. Well, the girls with me just a guard! No idea how I can stand it. I’m a Greek father, and Greeks absolutely crazy, these guys are crazy” – told the artist.
Аристарх Венес рассказал о романе с Эвелиной Бледанс

. Admitted in an interview with “World news” that his family faced the lack of money, and because of this, turned away from him, some classmates and friends. However, the actor admitted that he was not hurt – after all, so his life went the “extra” people. Now Aristarchus attaches great importance to those who are close to him.

“I appreciate and respect the friendship between a man and a woman. That it is, I’m convinced. And it can be surprisingly bright relationship. In General, in my opinion, friendship is a very serious thing, because a lot of friends can not be, – said the actor. – You can not be like a lot of people. A friend is one who for you will give the last. Such people are a priori small, I appreciate them. And forgive friends, even if sometimes they do stupid things or, say softer, do strange, from my point of view, actions”.