Джонни Депп впервые высказался об Эмбер Херд
The actor found a way to insult his wife.

Johnny Depp and amber heard

Photo: Instagram.com

At the next concert of the rock band “Hollywood vampires”,
in the composition of which is johnny Depp,
someone eyed fans of the actor saw his new tattoo. On the top
the phalanx of the fingers of the right hand of the actor appeared not quite censorship inscription
which can be very gently translate as “rubbish”. Fan of Depp put his
find on Instagram, where she saw the reporter of the website Hollywood life .
Comparing the before he previously pictures of tattoos on the arm of Depp with the new, he
made an interesting discovery. It turns out that johnny has closed a new inscription “scum” — old “slim” or “skinny”. And it is
so he gently called her amber! That is Depp came up with
extremely original way to Express what he thinks about his wife when
help tattoo!

Interestingly, recently, johnny Depp
essentially refused to comment on his divorce with amber heard and advanced
in his address the charges in the beating. The actor managed to get around this issue even when
recently gave his first post-scandal interview. He talked about the music
in General, about their group, but not about the amber…

Incidentally, Depp uses a similar technique already not in
for the first time. In those days, when he had a serious romance with Winona Ryder, and
the lovers were going to get married, he tattooed “Winona Forever”, which meant “Winona
forever.” But then when they broke up, johnny decided to get rid of this
labels that caused him painful memories. And instead of fully
print “tattoo” laser, he decided to turn it into another. Now his body
is decorated with the words “Wino
Explain: Wino

slang for a drink. And the resulting motto “Wine forever”
couldn’t be more suited to Depp,
big fan of “intoxicating beverages”.

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