Johnny Depp is trying to get back to Vanessa Paradis

Джонни Депп пытается вернуться к Ванессе Паради

Young actress amber heard ruined that johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis have been building for years – their family. Despite the fact that Depp and Paradis have not been officially painted, they were considered one of the strongest couples in Hollywood.

Hurd managed to stop this family happiness. But his personal life on someone else’s misfortune it is to build and could not. This summer, johnny and amber are officially divorced and now each of them is free bird.

Amber paparazzi repeatedly noticed in the company of wealthy men. Johnny also increasingly seen with his former love Vanessa.

Not so long ago a couple were having lunch in a restaurant in Los Angeles, and, according to the insiders, the actors behaved not as friends, “johnny looked at Vanessa with eyes full of love and tried at every opportunity to take her hand. Vanessa is happy to accept his advances and flirted incessantly”.

In a recent interview Depp daughter Lily Rose said that the father even being in a relationship with amber, did not stop to chat with the same family, and after her divorce from the other woman began to pay more attention than before.