Джонни Депп избежал банкротства

In the life of the famous actor johnny Depp is now a black line, “the Sparrow” and then trying to get to court. In the web there are news about the beating of 55-year-old actor colleagues on the set. Now the media talked about the illness of his son Depp. But much “slapped” actor of the judicial burdens of a company The Management Group, which virtually threatened to make famous actor bankrupt! But as it became known, bankruptcy johnny is not threatened, because he found a “leverage” and agreed with former managers.

Джонни Депп избежал банкротства

The first hearing on the case was held on 15 August, but, apparently, not destiny. The American publication Variety reported that actor and former managers agreed. “Johnny Depp is glad he and The Management Group reached agreement”, — said the representative of the actor in a statement issued to Variety.

Recall that the first was filed by Depp himself, who is this “trick” at a cost of a retaliatory lawsuit. In 2017, the actor has filed a lawsuit against former managers, alleging that they had squandered most of his fortune. He demanded a compensation of 25 million. In response, Depp received a counter-suit from the employees of the company the Management Group, which glushitsa about the spending of the actor unreasonably expensive wines and the constant partying.

This is not the first incident, which had to face 55-year-old Depp. Recently there was news that he suffers from alcohol dependence and often handsy. The incident with amber heard, with whom he divorced because of domestic violence, stirred up the public. Depp is not averse to beat up not only his wife but also his colleagues on the set. But this time the actor will be responsible for the assault. Location Manager Greg Brooks filed for him in court.

In the network appeared the document of 14 pages which described in detail the situation that led to apply for Depp to court. It happened April 13, 2017 in the movie, brad Furman from the City of Lies. The media reported it in may of this year. The location Manager is responsible for the overlap of the locations in Los Angeles, where filming one of the scenes for the film. The street was blocked off, and shooting was over. About it, Greg said Director brad Furman, and he in turn told about it to Depp. That’s when he freaked out: “He was six inches from my Manager constantly shouting: “Who are you? You have no right!” — told the sources Page Six.

It seems, then Depp was in the mood to Odebolt. Greg said the actor just doing his job, but johnny punched him twice in the ribs. The actor began to scream, it would pay the Manager $ 100,000 if he hit him in the face in response. Depp’s bodyguards eventually took him away from the set. According to Greg, the actor was definitely under the influence of illegal substances or alcohol.