Александр Овечкин переписал историю американского спорта
Hockey is recognized as the best sportsman of the year.

Alexander Ovechkin

Photo: Instagram

This year Alexander Ovechkin can call the happiest in my life. Of course! His wife Anastasia Subsky soon
will give him his firstborn, and career of the hockey player is not just going up the hill, flying!

In early June, the team “Washington,” whose captain
is the athlete, for the first time in its history, won the Stanley Cup, and Ovechkin
became the champion of the NHL for the first time in 13 years. Moreover, the Russian striker was
voted the most valuable player of the Stanley Cup.

After winning the Ovechkin together with his pregnant wife Anastasia
Subsky whole week celebrating
this event. He has participated in official events, and in
all kinds of parties, which were held in his honor. And everywhere Ovechkin
appeared arm in arm with a beautiful wife and a Cup. Also in the arms. Evolved
the impression that he didn’t let it go for a minute. Moreover, he
even slept with him! This is a funny photo (at least, I would like to believe that
that is humor) was published in social media by Alexander and

Now it became known that Alexander was recognized as the best
hockey player of the year. At the recently held prestigious American award ESPY,
which Ovechkin was named the best athlete. It should be noted that this
the award was first presented to the Russian.