Мадонна откроет футбольную академию в Малави

Earlier, Madonna spoke with admiration about the inspirational Portugal and new projects that want to realize, and now ready for a completely new — great achievements! Last year the singer has built the Institute of pediatric surgery and intensive care named mercy James in Blantyre and is now preparing a project to build a football Academy.

For the life of the Madonna is very influenced by children, and therefore football Academy, she decided to open due to the son of David Gang. He is very passionate about the sport and plays for the youth team in Portugal. Malawi national team on football has never qualified for the world Cup and in 2010 didn’t qualify for the Africa Cup of Nations. The latest high achieving team bronze medal at the all-Africa games in 1987. Fix this rubbish have decided the singer Madonna.

Recall that Madonna moved to Portugal. “Energy Portugal is very inspiring,” he shared with fans of the music legend. “Feel really inspired and alive and looking forward to work on my film and LOVED the new music!!! This will be the next Chapter in my book! It’s time to conquer the world with somewhere else.”

“I was a klutz, and now live in Lisbon.” wrote Madonna in his next post, which shows a wicker basket hanging from the ceiling.

According to reporters on Saturday, a representative of the singer, she fell in love with Portugal even after the end of its southern European tour in 2004. The creative atmosphere of the country had beneficial effect on the mental state of the performer, because she is with a new force ready to work on film and music.

The painting is titled “Loved” is the first directorial work after the film W. E. in 2011, which lightens the research of king Edward VIII, who abdicated to be with an American twice-divorced classy lady Wallis Simpson. The new project will be an adaptation of the novel Andrew Sean Greer The Impossible Lives of Greta Wells.